How to Choose a Conference Venue in Adelaide


Tips for Choosing the Ideal Conference Room Hire in Adelaide

No one appreciates being let down on a special occasion. These three tips will help you prevent disappointment when looking for meeting rooms to hire in Adelaide: 

  • Step number one: Check your budget. Consulting your budget is the most important step in organising any event since your budget determines which venues you can access. Your budget will also influence the next steps for finding the ideal site, as the event will have to be tweaked accordingly. Don’t despair if your budget is a little tight because there are many creative ways in which you can turn even the humblest of venues into a memorable setting.

  • Step number two: Decide on a theme or feel for the day. Getting the most out of your Adelaide conference venue is easier when you know exactly what it is you want. Is it a laid-back, picnic-style event where no one will think twice about plastic chairs, or is it a formal event where everyone will be dressed to the nines, and nothing can go amiss? Getting the feel of the occasion pinned down will go a long way in guiding you to the right venue.

  • Step number three: Think outside of the box. Find out about any unusual venues you could hire that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. The setting can range from a community theatre, a warehouse, an open field or even a zoo or aquarium. Being creative with your venue is a great way to personalise the event and make sure you exceed everyone’s expectations.

Whether it is a team-building exercise for work or a lavish wedding, the perfect conference depends on the ideal conference venue. This step-by-step guide will highlight what you need to consider for a suitable conference venue in Adelaide.

The Benefits of Choosing Quality Events Adelaide Zoo for Your Occasion


When it comes to Adelaide’s conference venues, it pays off to take a walk on the wild side with Quality Events at Adelaide Zoo: 

  • Personalise your event with flexible packages. You can customise any of our eight memorable venues. We invite you to consider the Immersion Longhouse, Sir Thomas Elder Rotunda, Fig Tree Function Room, Bamboo Forest, Wisteria Restaurant, Nature’s Playground, Central Lawns and Giraffe Courtyard, which all allow you to bring your personality to the occasion. 

  • Host a one-of-a-kind experience in a unique location. The mesmerising wildlife and breath-taking landscapes of Adelaide Zoo will ensure that all your guests have an experience that they won’t forget anytime soon.

  • Tantalise your guests with deliciously ethical food. At Quality Events Adelaide Zoo, we are passionate about locally sourced produce and South Australian wines. Through our environmentally friendly practices, we ensure that your dining experience is not only delicious but also ethical.


About Quality Events Adelaide Zoo

We focus on producing well-planned, professional events in eight venues for a variety of clients. Our event managers are here to help you plan and prepare to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience. 

Contact us today to start planning your ideal event.